8:00am – 9:00am | Imperial Ballroom

Networking Breakfast

Start the day off right with breakfast and coffee and meet other Impact Summit attendees during our “Deeper Dive” networking hour.

9:00am – 10:30am | Imperial Ballroom

Turning Up The Heat: The State Index on Youth Homelessness

How well does your state address youth homelessness? The State Index rates all 50 states and Washington, D.C. and provides them with steps for improvement. Pressure’s on!

Speakers: Lele Exum, 2018 True Colors Fellow; Justin Rush, True Colors Fund

It’s Not a Snack, It’s An Entree: The Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project

This session will discuss how youth collaboration is moving the needle forward via HUD’s Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project, which helps communities nationwide develop sustainable solutions to end youth homelessness.

Speakers: Sarah Hunter, Corporation for Supportive Housing; Josephine Puffpaff, MANY

Lightning Round 2

Each speaker has 5 minutes to present 10 slides. Prepare yourself!

From Baptist Pastor to Woke AF – Joshua Cogan, Outlast Youth

Students Deserve Better: Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline – Shahera Hyatt, California Homeless Youth Project

Radical Collaboration: Organizing for Our Youth – Julie Cnossen, Arbor Circle Corporation

Freedom Songs: Cultural Production Towards Building Joy and Connection – Jonathan Lykes, Center for the Study of Social Policy

10:45am -11:45am | Breakout Sessions 4

Breathing Life into HUD’s Equal Access Rule (D)

HUD’s Equal Access Rule (EAR) comes to life when advocates show up and speak up. In this session, youth will learn their rights under the EAR, how to advocate for those rights, and steps to take if discrimination occurs. Providers will learn best practices for implementation.

Speaker: Susan Pourciau, Florida Housing Coalition

Location: International Room 5

Building Power Through the Political and Legislative Process (A)

Join Impulse Group DC and local elected officials in a workshop that shares best practices for creating the political will needed to end LGBTQ youth homelessness.

Speaker: Devin Barrington-Ward, Impulse Group DC

Location: International Room 4

Introduction to Project Management for Communities (C)

Back by popular demand! This session will explore how project management techniques can be applied at the community level for developing projects to prevent and end LGBTQ youth homelessness. Attendees will leave with tools and templates for stakeholder engagement, risk management, and project scheduling.

Speakers: Christa Price, LMSW, True Colors Fund; Joe Moran, PMP, True Colors Fund

Location: Imperial Ballroom

Policy to Action: Putting the State Index on Youth Homelessness to Werk (A)

With the release of the State Index on Youth Homelessness, we now know what states need to do to move the needle on youth homelessness. Join this breakout session to learn more about how we can operationalize the Index and be stronger and more strategic in our state-level advocacy.

Speaker: Justin Rush, JD, True Colors Fund

Location: International Room 7

Supporting HIV-Positive Millennials Through a Holistic Approach (I)

This workshop will help participants better support the millennial population in regards to newly experienced trauma from being diagnosed HIV-positive and develop a Continuum of Care that is responsive to the needs of this community.

Speaker: Dylan Brooks, Compass Community Center

Location: International Room 6

12:00pm-1:00pm | Lunch

An Extra Helping: Making a Difference through Corporate Partnership

In this session, attendees will learn how organizations can partner with corporate sponsors to further their work and improve the lives of community members.

Speakers: Gregory Lewis, True Colors Fund; Jasmine Thomas, Citi Community Development

Back For Seconds: An Update to At The Intersections

In 2019, the True Colors Fund and National LGBTQ Task Force will re-release At The Intersections – a robust and collaborative resource on LGBTQ youth homelessness. Here’s what to expect.

Speakers: Dehkontee Chanchan, 2018 True Colors Fellow; Christa Price, True Colors Fund

A Recipe for Protopia

In September 2018, State of Out Youth challenged folks across the world to think like a mad scientist – applying science fiction as a way to re-envision the world for the better.

Speakers: Maddox Guerilla, 2018 True Colors Fellow; Nick Seip, True Colors Fund

1:15pm-2:15pm Breakout Sessions 5

A Strengths Based Approach to Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention (D)

This interactive workshop, presented by the Trevor Project, focuses on crisis intervention and suicide prevention for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. Youth serving professionals will learn hands on techniques for supporting LGBTQ young people using research, case studies, and best practices.

Speaker: Chris Bright, The Trevor Project; Ashby Dodge, The Trevor Project

Location: International Room 6

Investing in Our Community: Successful Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships (I)

Learn how the corporate community can partner with nonprofits and the youth they serve to make a lasting impact through programming, resources, and volunteer opportunities.

Speakers: Alieizoria Redd, PhD, LCSW, Covenant House Georgia; Meka Urriola, AT&T Mobility

Location: International Room 4

It Ain’t No Lie, Bi Bi Bi: Creating Targeted Programs and Services for Bi+ Youth (A)

While bisexual youth comprise up to 20% of youth experiencing homelessness, they receive few targeted services and programs. This session addresses the specific disparities facing bisexual youth and the importance of targeted interventions.

Speaker: Heron Greenesmith, Political Research Associates; Khafre Kujichagulia Abif, Southern AIDS Coalition

Location: International Room 7

Shifting from Engagement to Collaboration: Working with Youth and Young Adults (C)

This session focuses on authentic inclusion of youth and young adults at every level of agency infrastructure. Shifting from youth engagement to authentic youth collaboration supports the idea that young people with lived experience should have a seat at the table. This shift also ensures that those seats are meaningful and encompass a shared power dynamic.

Speaker: Kahlib Barton, True Colors Fund

Location: Imperial Ballroom

Host Homes and Rapid Re-housing for LGBTQ Youth (C)

Learn how youth are succeeding in Point Source Youth housing pilots across the country by centering youth leadership and equity practices, and hear from the LGBTQ Center of Durham (NC) on the steps it is taking to create a host home program that centers the needs of the city’s most marginalized communities.

Speaker: Todd Rosendahl, Point Source Youth; Helena Cragg, LGBTQ Center of Durham

Location: International Room 5

2:30pm-3:30pm | Imperial Ballroom

Rainbow Sprinkles: The Pride Challenge

This past summer, communities across the country together to demonstrate their commitment to inclusion and improve their work to end LGBTQ youth homelessness. Here’s what happened.

Speakers: Coco Wheeler, True Colors Fund; MaryBeth Gonzales, Office of Homeless Services, City of Philadelphia; Matthew Robinson, All Chicago; Jessica Sones, Office of Homeless Services, City of Philadelphia

More Than A Dash: How Data is Moving Us Forward

We know that data is often overlooked – so this session will shine a light on the importance of collecting, managing, and analyzing your community’s data and how that data informs our work around equity. At the end of the day, it’s all about the results!

Speakers: Megan Gibbard Kline, A Way Home America; Jake Maguire, Community Solutions; Alison Chrisler, Chapin Hall; Josephine Puffpaff, MANY

*Subject to change

**Breakout session tracks in parentheses:

  • A – Advocacy and Public Policy
  • C – Community Approaches
  • D – Direct Care
  • I – Innovative Programs within Organizations