8:00am – 9:00am | Imperial Ballroom

Networking Breakfast

Start the day off right with breakfast and coffee and meet other Impact Summit attendees during our “Deeper Dive” networking hour.

9:00am – 10:30am | Imperial Ballroom


The Impact Summit kicks off!

Speakers: Alex Exum, 2018 True Colors Fellow; Twiggy Pucci Garcon, True Colors Fund

Place Setting

The Impact Summit continues with an introduction to brave spaces, an overview of venue logistics, and a welcome from the Executive Director.

Speakers: Gregory Lewis, True Colors Fund

Hold The Equality, Pass the Equity

We know that homelessness disproportionately affects people of color and transgender folks. This session will establish common ground on what “equity” really means, and how it can be applied as a lens while working to end youth homelessness.

Speakers: Amanda Andere, Funders Together to End Homelessness; Jonathan Lykes, Center for the Study of Social Policy

An Open Table: Centering Lived Experience

From Solange to the Impact Summit, everyone is talking about having a “seat at the table.” But does having a seat ensure that you have a voice? Let’s dish.

Speakers: Kahlib Barton, True Colors Fund; Phoebe VanCleefe, National Youth Forum on Homelessness; Dee Balliet, True Colors Fund; Currey Cook, Lambda Legal

Lightning Round 1

Each speaker has 5 minutes to present 10 slides. Prepare yourself!

Making the Transition: From Youth Action to Independent Activist – Dee Balliet, True Colors Fund

The Future of Healing – Coco Wheeler, True Colors Fund

Youth Collaboration: Why and How – Rivianna Hyatt, National Youth Forum on Homelessness

Safe Spaces Are Not Enough – Jama Shelton, Hunter College, True Colors Fund

10:45am – 11:45am | Breakout Sessions 1

Holistic Policy Approaches to Addressing Trans Youth Homelessness (A)

This interactive session will discuss holistic policy approaches and workshop existing policies to ensure their inclusivity of transgender and gender expansive youth. Bring a policy (from your organization, county, state, etc.) and we will workshop it to ensure it is intentionally inclusive of transgender and gender expansive youth experiencing homelessness.

Speaker: Jama Shelton, MSW, PhD, Hunter College, True Colors Fund

Location: International Room 6

On the Front Lines: Systems of Liberation, Youth Activism, and Resistance (C)

The Keeping Ballroom Community Alive Network seeks to actualize liberation through confronting systemic oppression by building power, organizing direct actions, and connecting youth to resources. Hear how LGBTQ youth activist are living out their self-determined lives without limitations or barriers.

Speaker: Jonathan Lykes, Center for the Study of Social Policy

Location: Imperial Ballroom

Project Silk: Strategies for Supporting Queer and Trans Youth of Color (I)

This session will describe how Project Silk developed a drop-in center for young queer and trans youth of color. Project Silk builds leadership among LGBTQ+ youth and provides HIV interventions to empower youth to be their own healthcare advocates.

Speakers: Andrew Palomo, Project Silk; Kim Ketterer; Bradbury Sullivan LGBT Community Center

Location: International Room 4

Refilling the Chalice: Overcoming Compassion Fatigue and Burnout Syndrome (D)

This presentation will offer providers and advocates the tools to avoid compassion fatigue and burnout syndrome through mindfulness and meditation exercises.

Speaker: Dr. R. Keith Bell, Oriental Medicine Specialists; Dr. David Buxton,CJW Medical Center

Location: International Room 5

Unorthodox Collaboration: Affirming Environments within a Religious Organization (I)

This session will give an inside perspective of living and serving out and proudly within a religious organization. We will share lessons learned from unorthodox collaboration between a faith based organization and an LGBT organization, together providing non-discriminatory services for youth living on the streets.

Speakers: Jermaine Harmon, The Salvation Army; Kelsey Reynolds; The Salvation Army.

Location: International Room 7

12:00pm – 1:00pm | Lunch | Imperial Ballroom

State of the Movement: The Next Course

This session will shine a light on how LGBTQ young people are being centered in the national movement to end youth homelessness.

Speakers: Monzona Whaley, A Way Home America; Terrance Walker, National Youth Forum on Homelessness; Jasmine Hayes, USICH

Serving Up Leadership: Youth Collaboration At its Core

Across the country, Youth Action Boards ensure that young people remain involved in local solutions to end youth homelessness. Hear how these communities created and sustained their mission through youth collaboration.

Speakers: Rivianna Hyatt, National Youth Forum on Homelessness; Nova Mirari, Youth Catalyst Team, Homeless Youth Forum of LA; Aaric Thomas, Advocates for Richmond Youth

App-etizing Knowledge

This nerdy session will provide an overview of how adult learning theory has revolutionized online training – specifically in the mobile space – for service providers and advocates. 🤓

Speakers: Joe Moran, True Colors Fund; Jae Lange, 2018 True Colors Fellow

Homegrown Ingredients: Equal Parts Housing and Healthcare

This session will discuss the intersection of HIV and youth homelessness in Atlanta through a lens of housing as prevention.

Speaker: Ed Duda, Gilead Sciences

1:15pm – 2:15pm | Breakout Sessions 2

Can I Get an Amen: Engaging Conservative Congregations of Faith (C)

Come learn and discuss what Outlast Youth is doing in Dallas, TX to address LGBTQ youth homelessness within conservative faith communities.

Speakers: Josh Cogan, Outlast Youth; Rev. Heather Mustain, LMSW, Wilshire Baptist Church

Location: International Room 4

Promoting Resilience Among Youth Survivors of Sexual Exploitation (D)

This session will focus on promising practices in working with and meeting the needs of LGBTQ+ youth who have experienced sexual exploitation/trafficking.

Speaker: Kendan Elliott, MANY; Nova Mirari, Youth Catalyst Team, Homeless Youth Forum of LA

Location: International Room 5

Rules of Engagement: Sustaining Youth Collaboration in Programs (I)

How can organizations not only engage but truly collaborate with youth? This session will help participants ensure young people play a vital role in shaping their advocacy, initiatives, and policy recommendations. It will also equip them with strategies to integrate youth expertise and perspective into their work.

Speaker: Laura Armstrong, Coalition for Juvenile Justice; Aazia-Marie Ross, Coalition for Juvenile Justice

Location: International Room 6

Take the Pain Out of Campaigns! (A)

Running a digital campaign is a great way for organizations to introduce new ideas, support your programmatic goals, and turn everyday folks into digital activists. This session will demonstrate how, with the right strategy, any organization can be a lean, mean campaigning machine.

Speaker: Nick Seip, CAPM, True Colors Fund

Location: Imperial Ballroom

Amplify Your Voice: Coming Out and LGBTQ Visibility (A)

Jordan Reeves and VideoOut’s mission is to amplify the voices of LGBTQ people. Join Jordan to learn more about recording your story in your own voice. Your story is powerful, and it deserves to be heard for at least three reasons: To advocate, to grow a chorus of original voices, and to bridge our intersections to other communities. If you wish to record your story, sign up on VideoOut’s Doodle: http://bit.ly/TrueColorsStories

Speaker: Jordan Reeves, VideoOut

Location: International Room 7

2:30pm – 3:30pm | Breakout Sessions 3

Creating Safe Spaces in Straight Places (C)

In this interactive session, the Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network (JASMYN) discusses the significance of fierce advocacy and community collaboration to create safe spaces for queer/trans youth of color in the South.

Speakers: Cosmos Cranston, JASMYN; Kristin Kennedy, JASMYN

Location: International Room 5

Leap, and the Net Will Appear: The Transformative Power of the Arts (A)

By examining interventions in both the UK and U.S., this workshop explores how the performing arts can be transformative for youth experiencing homelessness.

Speaker: Shahera Hyatt, California Homeless Youth Project

Location: International Room 4

Lessons Learned from our 100 Day Challenge (C)

This workshop will provide an overview of how youth employment and housing providers, youth with lived experience, and county staff are strategizing to create systems change, remove barriers, and coordinate employment and housing for youth.

Speakers: Beth Holger-Ambrose, The Link; CeMarr Peterson, The Link

Location: Imperial Ballroom

Radical Collaboration: Organizing for Our Youth (C)

The needs of homeless youth and young adults persist nationwide. Bringing partners together through true collaboration can be difficult due to differences in philosophy, funding, and scope. In this session, participants will learn collaborative strategies to improve responses for youth homelessness.

Speaker: Julie Cnossen, Arbor Circle

Location: International Room 6

Students Helping Students: Support Services Through GSAs (I)

This workshop will analyze how GSAs function as direct service programs for queer youth, and are often crucial lifelines for youth looking for support. Participants will gain an understanding of how to support GSAs and make space for youth to create change.

Speaker: Becky Smith, Iowa Safe Schools

Location: International Room 7

3:45pm – 4:30pm | Imperial Ballroom

Recipe For Success: Project Management for Communities

This session will give an introduction of how the Project Management school of thought is being put to use in the movement to end LGBTQ youth homelessness.

Speakers: Twiggy Pucci Garcon, True Colors Fund; Christa Price, True Colors Fund

6:30pm-9:30pm | Imperial Ballroom

Shaken Not Stirred: The Opening Reception – Sponsored by Marriott International

Get to know people you haven’t met yet, reconnect with old friends, and celebrate success at the Impact Summit Opening Reception! We’ll recognize leaders in the movement to prevent and end LGBTQ youth homelessness and socialize over refreshments.

Hosted by: Alex Exum, 2018 True Colors Fellow; Twiggy Pucci Garcon, True Colors Fund

*Subject to change

**Breakout session tracks in parentheses:

  • A – Advocacy and Public Policy
  • C – Community Approaches
  • D – Direct Care
  • I – Innovative Programs within Organizations