Safe Space Sticker

The True Inclusion Assessment Tool enables service providers to assess their current level of inclusive and affirming practices in a non-judgmental manner. This process was developed based on existing tools being utilized in the child welfare system, as well as anecdotal feedback from our own site visits and conference presentations.

We have frequently found that providers believe they are being affirming when, in fact, they are not. They possess the willingness, but not the tools. The first step in becoming more inclusive and affirming is a thorough assessment of the current state of service provision.

The True Inclusion Assessment process consists of 3 separate phases:

  1. An organizational representative (or committee) uses the tool to assess the inclusivity of the organization’s policies, practices, physical space, and programs.
  2. Each employee completes an anonymous survey to assess their own individual practices, including their comfort level and confidence in working with LGBT youth.
  3. Young people who access services at the organization fill out an anonymous survey to gauge their perceptions and experiences regarding LGBT inclusivity in the organization. The third phase has not yet been developed and will be a focus in 2015. Following the completion of each phase, a workplan is developed to guide the organization’s work in creating a more LGBT inclusive and affirming program. We provide technical assistance and support to organizations as they implement the work plan.